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Get the most in depth analytics for your group so that you can…

Add check in and ticketing in your events

Gain insight from events through custom touch points

Monetize your events through sponsorships

Events added to the AirFive app

Get a dashboard of event activity


Check in and ticketing

When you add a check in it makes it seamless for the attendee and helps you gage in real-time who has come so you can better predict

Gain insights from touch points

If you have a sponsorship table or something you want to draw attendees to at your event, just designate it in AirFive and measure later to see how many people scanned the code

Monetize through sponsorships

No matter the size of your event, now that you have big time analytics, knowing how many people actually attended, checked out a booth, got a drink and met someone, you can leverage that to sell sponsorships.

Event added on the AirFive app

Your events can build awareness by being adding to the AirFive events feed inside our mobile app. This will let you play in the whitespace and garner more event awareness. Making for more effective engagement

Custom analytics dashboard

Get the dashboard of activity sent to you after an event cycle. If you’d like to measure something that’s not on your standard dashboard, just let us know.



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